Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bunnies and Baby Goths

Rebel & Co, my Teen Advisory Board (aka my 13 year old daughter & friends; that's Rebel with the fringe, not the ears) keep me right on all things 'awesome' and 'eeew'. Well, they've decided I just don't cut it as a blogger. I need to do better. They are right. I will try to be more sparky, more often. Just write about Stuff, they say.

So I was thinking about Stuff to write about the other night as I stood with Rebel & Co, waiting for the mighty Avenged Sevenfold ( to take the stage and blast us all away at what was deemed The Best Gig In The Universe, Ever. It was a fantastic small gig of just 400 'best friends.' The great thing about having a teenager in the house is that you find out about all kinds of Stuff that would never be on your radar otherwise. (Though it can be bewildering trying to work out why the top you've pulled on that morning is suddenly 'eeew' when it didn't offend anyone last week...)

And so I came to be in a black-dark Goth cavern that was swarming with sweet little baby Goths, enjoying some screaming hi-energy punk-Goth-metal-with-soul, for the first time in many moons. I remember when I saw The Ramones, just along the road at the Apollo, I said, casually trying to impress Rebel & Co. And I did. 'You saw The Ramones? THE Ramones!' Uhuh. I basked in a fleeting moment of awesomeliness. Don't get so many of them these days. But then Rebel never took me to see Avenged Sevenfold when she was seven. If I want uncomplicated awe and devotion there's always Rabbit, and as you can see he is a pretty cute guy. (That's him with the ears.)

'I've just remembered. This is a historic site. You know who played a legendary last gig here?' Rebel's dad declared, as Rebel & Co emerged from the scary gothpit, gasping for Irn Bru, looking as if they'd survived a monsoon.

'Me', he said wistfully. 'My band. If it hadn't been for those, um, musical differences we could have had the world....'

But he's got Rebel instead, with his rock genes. She disappears back to the baby gothpit, eyeliner streaming beneath her Goth fringe (above) that I cut and dyed, as payment for her setting up Myspace pages for Mara and Fox - with Tuck, Pandora and others to follow, in time.

And that's really the Stuff that this blog is about. That Mara and Fox will be on Myspace soon. I'll post here and on the main website when we've got things up and running and I hope you'll drop in and befriend them.

Some news:

A definite spring release date (April) for EXODUS in the US.

ZENITH paperback is released in UK February, with a competition prize so amazing I wish I could win it myself. More on this soon. ZENITH will be Waterstone's Book of the Month for February.

Lots of adaptations and productions of the books are in progress, and lots of green projects all over the country, which are using Exodus and Zenith to bring the facts to life. I'll put up details on a special GREEN PAGE. Coming soon...


Mirza said...

I'm probabbly going through something that no one else does. I really hate it when author's names and books dissapeare(sp) from bookshelves in the stores and are forgotten. Your books were taken of the shelves in my neighbouring bookstore. Exodus - was, is a fantastic book that i really loved! I just want to say that "Exodus" was the only book that I ever cried on. Very touching! It also scares me how close to reality it could be, as far as im concerened Exodus, is one of my favourite books. I really want to know you as an author better ^^

Get in Touch :

Julie Bertagna said...

That's a really lovely message, Mizra. Thank you. I wonder why the books have disappeared? It's annoying when bookshops sell out and don't re-order a book. One problem is that there are so many books published that bookshops don't have enough room to stock them all for more than a few months at a time. Before Harry Potter came out this summer, a lot of books were removed from shops to make lots of space for it. You could ask your bookshops why it isn't there - most bookshops are eager to please customers and they might even put it back on the shelves and re-order if an enthusiastic person like you told them what you felt about the book - and that it's about the hottest topic of our time! But it might be back on the shelves again once the paperback of Zenith, the sequel, comes out in February. Fingers crossed...

I get so much mail that it's hard to keep up with all of it and I'm sorry - I hate that. So what I hope to do is build up this website, with lots more pages because I'm so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful, thoughtful, enthusiastic readers like you. So ther will be lots more blog posts (which will tell you a bit more about me, what I'm thinking and doing), bits of news, exciting Green pages, Mysace and Bebo pages, 'tasters' of the next book, and even special extra stories about the characters in Exodus and Zenith. And more. So, you see, there is a LOT of interesting stuff for you to get involved with in the future - and to be part of a 'Weave community' - a bit like Fox and Mara in Exodus.

Also, although I want people to read and think hard about the future, please don't be scared. When I wrote Exodus, no one was thinking much about the future, but now so many people are - and they are determined to protect the Earth and your future. There is so much you can do. That's what the forthcoming Green Page on my website will be all about. So don't despair.

I do read ALL my emails, and treasure lovely messages like yours. Readers like you make writing worthwhile! Jx

Julie Bertagna said...

Sorry, Mirza, for spelling you name wrong! : )


Virunee said...

We got set a reading task and I was given Exodus by my English teacher because she knows how concerned I am about the environment (head eco warrior at school!).

I must say, although I was forced to read this first book, I was astounded. I loved it and couldn't put it down. I think by the time I finished it there was still 2 more weeks until the deadline.

This encouraged me to buy [the last in the shop!] copy of Zenith, which I'm currently half way through.

What I love about your books is the way the character develops and the amazing settings you describe. The structure and plot is fantastic too.

As more of an artist, I have started a series of work illustrating the characters from both books which I hope to put up on display sometime, somewhere on the web for Exodus/Zenith fans to enjoy.

Lastly (sorry if this post is dragging on a bit), I can't wait until Aurora is out on the bookshelves; I wish you every success with your books to come.



What a lovely comment, Virunee. Thank you so much.

Head eco warrior? That's very impressive! People like you are very important - the ultimate VIPs of the next generation, no less.

I'm intrigued by the thought of your illustrations. I would love to see them. If you do ever put them on the web, let me know and I'll put a link on this blog. I'm sure lots of people would enjoy them.

I'm all wrapped up in Aurora, and working hard. I want it to be the best book it can be. You readers deserve no less....

Julie x

maddie said...

Hi Julie!
I want you to know that your books are probably my favourite ones that I have ever read. I think they would make a great movie too! I was just wondering when is Aurora going to come out?


Thanks, maddie : )

Aurora will be finished as soon as possible - will let you know as soon as I can!